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calendar-iconThis is the online appointment request system for each of the sexual health clinics and services we operate across the city. This includes clinics at Hawthorn House (Heartlands Hospital), The Drake Unit (Birmingham Chest Clinic, City Centre), and the Birmingham Brook Advisory Clinic (City Centre).

This online booking request service is for routine appointments. If you are unwell, have severe pain, or are pregnant and also have other symptoms, please call the clinic on 0121 424 8984 or go to your GP or nearest A&E Department.

We aim to contact you by text or email within one working day with an appropriate appointment. If you don’t want to be contacted through text or email, please ring our standard appointment hotline on 0121 424 8984 during normal office hours.


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Previous Visits

If you have previously attended any of the following clinics, please tick the clinic you last attended:

 Hawthorn House The Drake Unit Brook, John Bright Street Clinic 146 @ HGL HGL @ Birmingham LGBT New Attitudes, Erdington I have not attended any of these.


Type of Appointment

Please note: there are some situations in which it is important you do not book online. These include if you are in need of emergency contraception, if you have had sexual contact with someone with HIV in the last three days, or if you have been sexually assaulted in the last five days.

To help us give you the right appointment please select all that apply to you.

 I do not have symptoms and would like a routine sexual health check I have symptoms and would like an appointment I would like an HIV test ONLY I would like a routine appointment I would like an appointment to discuss Contraception


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Please check the boxes as to your clinic of preference:

 Hawthorn House, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital Drake Unit, Great Charles street (no evening appointments) Brook Clinic (Mondays and Wednesdays only, no evening clinics) HGL at Birmingham LGBT centre (no evening appointments) New Attitudes, Erdington

Please check 3 boxes that you would prefer to attend if appointments are available.

 Any Time: Next available appointment Monday AM Monday PM Tuesday AM Tuesday PM Tuesday evening Wednesday AM Wednesday PM Wednesday evening Thursday AM Thursday PM Thursday evening Friday AM

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